Pure Binge

Today I binged the remaining episodes of Deutschland 83 I had left, and then all six episodes of Pure. I read an article in the Guardian about Pure before it came out, so I had a pretty clear idea of what it was going to entail. I wasn’t disappointed.

The show essentially illustrates the very real, distressing consequences of not being able to quell intrusive, inappropriate and often sexual thoughts that occur. I remember being worried about something similar when I was about twelve, although it clearly didn’t turn out like the disorder illustrated in the show – Pure O, a form of OCD that centres most of all on intrusive, often distressing thoughts. That aspect was interesting, but what I found most appealing about the show was the way it portrayed young Londoners. I am always scrutinising ‘young Londoners’ that show up in ANY film or TV show, and I am pleased to report that this show didn’t feel a million miles away from reality, for once.

The dating wasn’t all confident, secure and knowing; one of the most brash, impressive characters was still shown to be panicking over receiving or not receiving a text. The whole thing makes you want to pick up the phone and outright call that person that’s been on your mind, perhaps to have a much-needed conversation, or just to re-establish where you stand.

There are also some token terrible characters: a terrifyingly hipster barista in a Shoreditch cafe (looking suspiciously like a Grind, from the menu, but that’s by the by), a best friend from home who claims you’re ‘not the real you any more’, sniffy work colleagues who only look you in the eye to ask you to do a lackey job or ask a question designed to incisively judge you. I’ve heard the show has been recommissioned, thank god, but in the meantime, we have SO MUCH to look forward to this year still.

Watch this space for rantings when the following come out:

  • Deutschland 86
  • The Crown Season 3
  • Fleabag Season 2
  • Game of Thrones (whatever number is next. Season 7? 8? Will Jon find out he shagged his aunt???)
  • Downton Abbey movie – pure aesthetic joy. No apologies.

N.B. This entire piece was written as a distraction from my marking. I have so little time left to complete this… I wish I could blame something other than myself for my procrastination, but alas, I know it’s all my fault.

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